The Agricultural Industry is dynamic and always evolving. This progressiveness requires people entering the field to be well-equipped. Outstanding university and college faculty in the Food and Agricultural Sciences are the key element to furnishing our profession with qualified candidates.

The National Awards Program for Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agricultural Sciences is designed to honor university faculty who go above and beyond in the field of teaching. Exemplary teachers are those who not only impart knowledge to students, but who help students realize learning is a lifelong process. The innovative teaching styles these teachers use are a catalyst to start this thirst for knowledge.

The Awards Program was initiated in 1992. Ten awards are given yearly; two national, six regional, and two to new faculty who have taught five years or less. This is an elite group representing the best of the best in the field of teaching in Agriculture and Food Sciences.

This web page is designed to promote the Awards Program in several ways:

1. It highlights the current and past recipients of the national, regional, and new teacher awards

2. It is a repository for presentations given at regional conferences and workshops

3. It promotes and gives information regarding upcoming teaching workshops

4. It gives information regarding the Awards Program, and greatly encourages the nomination of individuals who excel in teaching Agricultural and Food Science